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SpaceDog has returned with a new format for his site. It no longer contains  adventure journals from England or erotica writing. They have been replaced with links to books being written for FREE online viewing.


beyond your imagination in the TARDIS SpaceDog in the Nine Realms. Books written by Jefferson Slosek based on Norse Mythology, the Vanir fertility Gods and Goddesses and their adventures with companions. The books can be viewed for FREE at
Cosplay MeetMe group
Amish Friendship Bread recipes''  is where you will fine my motorcycle page
Life of Jefferson Slosek - To be updated sometime....
All Right - Mystery Ride Mystery Ride Concept
Church Camp Reunion Link Silver Springs Church Camp Virtual Reunion
Halloweens of the past Tyler's Haunted Halloween Experience
Tyler's media files oncludes both Video and Audio links
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Steve Savage visits Tallahasse Florida in October 2003