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Mystery Rides

History of The Mystery Ride
When I was very young, my parents would take the family on Mystery Rides.

It started because anytime we where put in the car we were seldom told where we were bound. Us kids would keep asking, "Where are we going? When will we get there? I got to go pee!" est.... Well one day my parents had a great idea and came up with The Mystery Ride.

It started when all 5 of us kids, ages between 3 and 11, where off to see 'the beach'. We started asking the typical questions and my dad just said, "We are going on a Mystery Ride!" We were confused and looked at him. At this point he pulled the car over, stopped, turned to us and said, "It's a mystery! We will tell you once we get there and not a minute sooner, so sit back and enjoy the ride."

Well... turned out our Mystery Ride took us from Attleboro, Massachusetts to Little Compton Beach, Rhode Island, (a 60+ minute trip.) But from that point on, any time we were going someplace unusual, it would be a mystery until we got there.

Mystery Ride Suggestions
  • Trip to a barber that's not in your home town
  • Go to the library
  • See a movies not in your town or local paper
  • A beach trip away from the usual one
  • A weekend camping at a state park
  • Visit to relatives who does not live close
  • A long vacation - Once we went all the way from Massachusetts to Florida by car - That was a Mystery ride for sure.
  • A plane ride is a great adventure and always a mystery
  • Go to an Air show to watch the skydivers
  • Hot Air Ballooning is not that expensive if you go as a group

Mystery rides became a part of my life again on my 50th birthday. I was in the United Kingdom with my wife and the in-laws took us to the Bradford Museum of Media, Film, Photography, Television, and Radio where a group of students interviewed me and wanted to know what I thought of the museum.

At age 52, the next Mystery Ride was planned for SpaceDog's birthday but was delayed by one week and was a total surprise to him. He expected to be at the Computer Man's shop but was fetched at 8:15am to go on a Mystery Ride to the Theakston brewery. Click HERE for the Journal photos.

Mystery Ride Guidelines
  • Always pre-pack the car with everything you will need and hide things so it's not obvious
  • Be sure to have your camera ready
  • For long trips bring games and foods that travel well
  • No questions until you anounce, "We Are Here!" or misdirect questions without giving clues
  • Mystery Rides are always fun and rewards for good children
  • Big kids love Mystery Rides
  • Mystery Rides do not always involve children, *Wink* *Wink*
  • Always look for more places to go while on a Mystery Ride
  • Encourage getting suggestions and ideas for your next Mystery Rides

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