Tylers Haunted Forest 2016

Welcome to the 40th and LAST edition of  Tyler's Haunted Experience located behind the Telander's Mysterious Mansion in back end of Arbor Hills at 3277 East Whitney Drive in Tallahassee, Florida.

This year there is a new path across an undiscovered woodland clearing, something alien, a portal to another world,  a mysterious sphinx, a glimpse into The Witches Den of OZ, and of course the Bates Motel where you will discover your worst fears as they come alive.  Never a dull moment. Never the same scare twice!! A Perfect place to take your "DATE" because you will cling to each other on this path through this mysterious haunted forest.

Open from 8pm till midnight from Thorsday October 27th through All Hallows Day on Moonday, October 31st. Your $5 Donation goes to UNICEF

Bring your friends because you don't want to do this alone.

Click HERE for Halloween photos from past Haunted Experiences.