Non Stop Bunny Hop

 from the office to the airport and beyond - by: Jefferson Slosek

We had been talking for days about going on a trip someplace exciting to stir up the gossip in the office and also for enjoyment that was long overdue. What we were planning was not your average trip across country, but something we would remember for a long time.  

"I see you are not shy either," I comment as we go down the elevator on our way away from the office. You press your hand hard against my crotch with all the other people unaware what you are doing. The bulge in my trousers is getting you excited and you give me a big squeeze when the door opens. I can tell you are excited because your nipples are at full attention and pressing hard against your silky blouse, trying to poke through the fabric.

As we exit the building, you raise your hand to hail a taxi. When we get in, I tell the driver, "Airport! But take your time. We are in no hurry."

Your hand has ferreted into my trousers and get past my belt, unzipped the zip and now have a good grip on my cock. You have this sheepish grin on your face as you pull my cock out and start to play with it with both hands... Your eyes look big with a sparkle in them and you bat your large eyelashes at me. When you start to open the silky blouse, I help you unclasp the bra in the front with a quick twist of my wrist. You bend over my cock engulfing it between your ample tits and hold them tightly against my hard cock. It slides in and out from between your golden globes feeling your smooth silky skin.

You are glowing in anticipation as we get close to the airport where a private jet is waiting for us. I manage to somehow put my cock back into my trousers and zip up without injuring myself as you re-clasp your bra and button up your blouse straighten up the dress before we reach the terminal.

When the taxi stops I pay the driver with a generous tip and we enter the terminal .... next stop, the mile high club.

Not carrying anything we quickly go through security and find the private jet fueled and waiting for us. On the tail of the jet is a sexy looking rabbit and the words Bunny Hop on the side.  When the captain greets us at the door, we are not surprised to find only 2 comfortable seats with straps inside the cabin. There is soft padding all around the open passenger cabin. "We have about 10 minutes before we taxi out so make yourselves comfortable." he says with a grin.

10 minutes go by very slowly when waiting for something as exciting as what was in store for us. Again we were not surprised when there was a delay in the flight plan. Eventually the captains' voice came on the speaker and stated, "Good news. We are cleared for takeoff and we have been given an additional window to make The Bunny Hop and Drop so fasten your seatbelts and stay in your seats till I turn off the seatbelt sign." Minutes later we have taken off and climbing rapidly to a cruising altitude and heading to an area of space where there is no commercial air traffic.

20 minutes later, the captain turns off the seat belt sign and we explore the large open cabin. There is a large TV showing course, air speed and bar graft with the altitude. We have been climbing steadily since takeoff and note we are going up at a 40 degree angle making our bodies 1.8 times heavier then normal. When we reach 38,000 feet, the pilot starts to level off and we begin a 38 degree parabolic decline. We start to float out of our seats in what seems like weightlessness. "We will have 30 seconds of zero G's" the captain says over the speaker. You are already out of your clothes in the first 5 seconds and I watch as your large boobs are perfectly round without one bit of sag in them. This is true eye candy for me and for the next 20 seconds I watch in aw as you spin like a top in freefall in mid air... "Brace for gravity and find your seats." we hear over the speaker and 5 seconds later we are no longer weightless. 

Over the next hour we will do this 19 more times as the "bunny hops" continue. Before reaching parabolic again, you change into a bunny outfit with only long ears and a cotton tail taped to your butt.  I have also removed my clothes after getting the camcorder and start to film as we reach zero G's again. This time you are bouncing off all the walls and ceiling as if you were a playful bunny. As we begin to feel gravity take over, you hop into my lap and sit on my cock which has gotten really hard while I was filming. 

On the next several hops, we stay locked together embraced, kissing, groping and feeling each other and experience the 69 position in a way that is unbelievable.  

I notice a set of 4 straps on the ceiling of the jet and get an wild idea about what they can be used for. Since we feel 1.8 g's of force while climbing, why not take advantage of this and on the next hop before reaching full gravity I put my feet through 2 of the straps and my arms lock on the other 2 so my cock is dangling free.   All the blood rushes to my dick and it enlarges to full erection for the first time in ages. "This is better then that vacuum pump you got me for my birthday." When we reach freefall, your mouth finds my cock and swallows it way down your throat while we float. I am surprised at how wonderful this feels. We continue doing this for several more hops.

You jack me off for about 20 seconds on the next freefall and I shoot cum across the cabin before gravity makes it hit the floor.   "I want that big gun to hammer me on the way to the next hop." but it takes a while, even under 1.8 g's for my cock to respond again so I call the captain on the intercom and tell him to fly level for a while before we continue and we take a break at 24,000 feet.

You have not given up on me yet. Your warm chest presses against my back as we lay naked on the padded floor. When I finally turn over, you whisper in my ear, "I want you to fuck me hard! I want your cock inside me and I want you now!" That does the trick. I turn you onto your back and eat your wet and waiting pussy. Within a few minutes, my cock is once more responding from this tasty treat and is soon hard once more and cum like crazy....

"Jefferson?  Jefferson!  Wake up! You are due to start the interviews for your new secretary."  I take my head off the desk and notice I've been drooling while dreaming. Under the desk there is a wet patch on my trousers...