the tactile touch - By Jefferson Slosek

"Hi gorgeous, thanks for stopping by. My last client canceled so I have this opening. Glad you could come by on such a short notice. I put the massage table in the sun-room where you can get some rays and work on your tan while I I give you a good massage." 

You slide up to me and give me a warm wet kiss probing my mouth with your sexy long tongue and press your gorgeous tits against me pressing them back and forth against my chest. "Mmmm...  I've been waiting all week for this Jefferson!" you purr as you begin to slowly strip off your clothes. The satin blouse you are wearing smoothly slides off your shoulders and I catch it without letting it hit the floor. You unclasp your skirt and let it drop. To my delight, you are not wearing your usual thong and your trimmed red runway shines in the sun. You notice my shorts begin to bulge but keep your fingers off me for now. You slide onto the massage table and get prone with your head looking down at my feet. Having warmed the Jergens lotion, I dip my hands into the bowl and put a generous amount of moisturizer on your back and shoulders. The music in the background is Enigma's and you can smell the cherry vanilla moisturizer.

As my hands begin to work their magic on your muscles, your imagination runs wild with thoughts of last weeks orgy and our little fuck fest. You imagine your girl friend touching you in places no man would think was erotic. Suddenly you realize I am touching you in those same places between your legs as I continue the massage. You are now very horny and feel like your pussy is about to drip from the wetness between your legs. I have not slowed down one bit and massage lotion into every part of your legs, butt, back, shoulders, arms, neck and fingers. As I begin to massage your butt again, you think about me entering your pussy from behind and spread your legs on the table. For a minute you stay there without me touching you and long for my hands to caress your body all over. Suddenly you feel the drip of hot oil on your spine, back, ribs, shoulder, legs and butt. The oil drips from my hands and then I caress and covers your entire backside letting the oil slip and slide all over your body from your fingertips to your toes.

After an hour, I tap you on the shoulder and tell you, "Turn over so I can do your front." You know this is my favorite treat, getting my hands on your tits. Again I start with the moisturizer and spread it evenly over your body starting with your toes, feet, ankles, lower legs, up your knees and thighs. When I come to your pubic mound, I massage your pussy lips and you involuntarily spread your legs for me to have better access.  I notice you are dripping wet with feminine cum so I use some of it to moisten your pussy lips. You start to breath heavy and your nipples get perky and hard with excitement.  I continue the massage going up your tummy to your ribs on the sides and eventually massage your breasts. I spend less time here then you would like but notice I'm not done yet. I move up to your neck, over your shoulders, down your arms all the way to your fingers.

You have been moisturized but the massage continues with hot oil starting with your toes, feet, ankles, lower legs, knees, thighs and again to your pubic mound and pussy lips. "Mmmmm... Ohhhhh..." you moan with delight as I continue to work the oil deep into your skin. My hands are soon firmly planted on your breasts and teasing your nipples in such a nice way... suddenly you realize I have your nipple in my mouth and sucking on it hard sending sparks of pleasure shoot inside the girls and through your body. My hands continue the massage on your shoulders, neck, arms, hands and fingers while I continue to suckle on your nipples...

You feel bliss as you begin to drift off with a very pleasant feeling all over from the massage. You open your legs and feel my cock enter your pussy as I use a towel to rub off the excess oil from your body. You dance up and down on it as I carry you to the bedroom....