The Hot Tub

wet all over - By Jefferson Slosek

I come home to a house lit with sweet smelling candles and a trail of rose peddles at the doorway leading into the house where the soft exotic music of 'Deep Forest' is playing in the background. I follow the peddles into the kitchen and find you at the counter with 2 glasses of wine in your hands. You offer me one as I walk up to you. After we both take a sip and feel it's warmth go down our throats, I take both glasses and set them aside.

I hold your hands and pull you close to me. Your hot breath is whispering sweet nothings; you nibble on my ears and then give it a good lick as you press your chest closer to mine. Under the soft fabric, I feel your nipples get hard as you rub them back and forth across my chest. My hands go from your back, up to your shoulders and then down to your bottom as I gently pull you closer to me.

We begin to slow dance to the music and you let the robe slowly slide off one shoulder exposing your breast. My hands comes under your breast, cups it and brings it up close to my face as I bend over to kiss it. I slowly take it into my mouth and suckle as you melt into my arms like hot chocolate.

Your hand begins to explore the bulge that's between us and I loosen the grip on your nipple.  You lead me to the hot tub on the back porch after I snatch up the bottle and two glasses of wine. I put the glasses down and you unbuttoning my shirt buttons slowly one by one. You have this glint in your eyes knowing what’s next.  As the shirt drops to the ground, you quickly unbuckle my belt and unzip my trousers. They too drop to the ground and I move my legs to release them from my ankles. With both hands, you pull my boxers down and lick your lips as you eye my tube steak.  

You turn away from me and let the robe fall from your shoulders. When you turn back, you smile and look down at my manhood, beckoning for me to join you. You take time lowering yourself into the bubbling hot water. I can tell from the expression on your face and your position in the tub, you are neatly perched close to one of the water jets and it is turning you on when you close your eyes and tilt your head back.

I join you in the water and sit next to you in the big tub. I hand you one of the glasses and put my hand on your thigh and think to myself.... This is Bliss!

After what seems like hours soaking in the hot tub, I make a suggestion that we swim in the pool for a bit before I give you your all over body massage. Suddenly you jump out of the hot tub almost knocking over the bottle of wine and dive into the deep end butt naked. What an incredible sight to see. After refilling our glasses, I set them on the side of the pool and dive in with you.

Swimming under water, I find your legs and slowly surface in front of you with only my eyes above water and start to circle around you like a shark ready to feed... I keep swimming around till I catch you off guard and come up from behind ready to bite your neck, but kiss it gently instead. My arms hold you and swim with you away from the deep end so I can plant my feet on the bottom of the pool. I hold you close with my arms around you and then place a hand on your back and gently bring your body to the surface where you begin to float. In the cool water, I watch your nipples contract and expand over time, getting hard and then soft.  This really turns me on and something below the surface also gets hard. I let your water wings support you and watch you for several minutes as you float on the surface.

I have the urge to kiss you passionately and find myself moving between your legs as they sink down in the water.  We face each other and you reach out to pull me close and lock lips. Your mouth tastes like sweet wine and your tongue probes my mouth.  Our lips stay locked for what seems like an hour. We both come up for air after the submarine race is over and find our eyes are locked staring at each other. Both know what we want and slowly make our way out of the pool.


I place a large blanket on the lounge chair and get the supplies I need to give you a massage and place then on a nearby table. "Would you like it hard or soft?" You look at me and say, "Surprise me." I take a big glob of lotion and put it in my hands. Those hands will now be on you for the next 30 minutes working all of your skin from your neck to your toes. My fingers work every muscle and every part of your body spreading moisturizer in to make your skin all silky smooth. I start with your neck, then your arms working down to your finger tips, back up your arms and then down your back and ribs. Along the way, I find an erogenous zone and feel you tense up. I remember the spots and will use it later when I get the oil out. 


To give a massage is both work and fun. I use my hands, elbows and forearms to loosen up all the toxins that are built up in your body. There is both pleasure and pain as the poisons are released. My hands cover every muscle in your back, down your ribs over your butt and down your legs. I avoid the back of your knees knowing that the last time I touched you there, I got kicked in the head... however, my hands stay between your thighs a bit longer and I can feel your aura begin to drip as you part your legs slightly. I can now see a wicked grin come over your face. I continue my massage till I have moisturizer all the way down to your toes. "Time to turn over luv!" as I kiss your butt cheeks.


Hmmm... I begin this time from the toes and work my way up. I squeeze a line or two of moisturizer up and then down the front of your legs. With only my hands and fingers moisturize gets worked in deep until your skin once again feels like silk. When I get to your stomach, I decide to tickle you and use only the tips of my fingers to lightly touch the surface hairs on your skin making you a little bit jumpy. "Kiss me gorgeous!" You do so ever so sexually.  Both of my hands are now massaging your breasts and working in the lotion. You smell of cherries and vanilla.


"Its time to be oiled up darling. We can do this one of 2 ways... we can 'slip and slide' or use 'roman fingers.' You choose." "Hmm... I know what roaming fingers are, but what is the slip and slide?” “I guess this is as good of time as any to find out."


I get out a big roll of clear landscaping plastic out of the pool supply box and unroll it on the grass. I hand you a shower cap and tell you to put it on. I get out a big bottle of Wesson oil and cover the plastic with it and take a running jump onto the plastic and slide all the way from one end to the other. You see how much fun this is and join me. After doing this for a good 15 minutes, we both collapse on the plastic covered in oil and begin working it in until we are both very slick....


We then do the wild thing noting it's hard to hold onto someone all covered in oil...