The Porn Cinema

 what if... - By Jefferson Slosek

"Oh! A porn cinema? I have not been to one of those in years. I like your home theater and 65" HDTV, but if a good film is playing, I'm sure I will be able to milk your cock for all the cream I need. Of course we would have to go to the back where it's nice and dark, or would you prefer to go up front so anyone who wants to watch us can get a good view?"  you say with a big smile on your face.

Since we are both wearing trench-coats with nothing under them, access was easy. We decide for a bit of privacy and opt for the last row where we both sit down and open our coats under the glow of the projector. You start to pull and jack off my already hard cock as the movie starts and I do the same thing to you by diddling your clit. There are 2 other couples in the room and 3 lesbians crowded together in the front giggling. They start to giggle louder as they watch 2 girls on the screen sneaking a peak at the man on the hotel bed with a large tent in the middle of the sheets.

Suddenly 2 ushers approach us with flashlights from both sides putting us in the spotlight just as I begin to ejaculate in your hand. At first Iím embarrassed, but from the grin on your face, I get the feeling you were expecting something like this to happen. I am too busy waiting to see what the ushers are going to say to us and didnít notice that we are truly in the spotlight on the camera screen.

You motion the usher who is at your side to lower his pants and out pops his enormous cock. Iím a bit in shock as you take it in your mouth and swallow the whole thing in one long gulp. The usher next to me turns out to be a woman with tits almost as big as yours and she shoves them in my face pinning me to the back of the chair. Suddenly I realize she is wet and lactating because a jet of milk is covering my face and trickling down my neck. I open my mouth for the sweetness of her mothers milk and find myself fascinated watching her milk flow in steady streams like a water fountain.

You continue to jerk my cock and I find the female ushers hand playing with my balls, milking them for more cum. In the background I hear giggling, Ohs' and Ahs' and notice for the first time that we are the stars of tonightís theater.  The sound of you slurping on your ushers' cock while you play with his balls and he fondles your breast with one hand, has his flashlight between your legs with the other and motions you out of your seat. He pulls you into the aisle and drags you on stage where someone has moved a couch and chair.

On stage he throws you onto the couch and strips off your coat and fucks you from behind. In the mean time, the lactating mother of an usher also drags me up the aisle by my cock and pushes me into the chair and continues to spray me with milk. All this time, there are spotlights from flashlights that someone has given to all the members of the audience who have approach us to get better views.

The entire first row now has people in it, each holding a flashlight on the thing they want to see the most. Some spotlighting you being fucked on the couch, and me is being jerked off while being squirted by this big busted mammas hot milk. The male usher pulls out of you and ejaculates on your back a large amount of cum. Suddenly there is a cheer from the audience and he takes a bow and falls next to you on the couch. 

Iím still in a state of shock and notice the glass of mothersí milk that the momma usher has been filling the entire time. When she offers it to me, I drink it down and cum at the same time on stage. There is clapping and cheering as the lights of the theater go on and someone in the back says ďCUT!  Thatís a wrap.Ē

The next week, we are the stars at the movie theater.