When The Door Closes

strawberry delight - By Jefferson Slosek

When the door closes, you set the groceries on the kitchen counter in our new home and together we put them away except for the strawberries and whipped cream. I take the strawberries to the sink, wash them off, cut away the leaves and place them in a bowl. When I look around, I find you have made yourself comfortable on the couch after taking off your sandals. Your skirt has risen up a bit and strawberry panties are showing a bit as you stretch out with this devilish look in your eyes. As you stretch your arms above your head, the buttons on your blouse come loose exposing the silky bra that matches your panties.


You look at me as I bring the bowl of strawberries and whipped cream over and place them on the coffee table. When I sit next to you, your arms come over wrapping them around me pulling my body close. Your hand reaches up under my shirt and caress my chest with fingertips while making purring sounds pulling me close. Your lips are inviting and I move closer and give you a big wet sloppy kiss. You realize I had sampled one of the strawberries while washing them off and the taste is still lingering in my mouth. Our tongues collide and dance together as we kiss passionately for several minutes.


After taking a breather, you reach over to the bowl of strawberries and take the biggest one out and dip it into the whipped cream. Before placing it into your mouth, you turn to me and flash your eyes sexually. Your tongue slowly licks most of the cream off and sucks on the strawberry like you do the head of my cock before slowly eating it.


Your free hand reaches between my legs and starts to caress my jeans. That causes me to stir and my cock begins to grow bigger. My hand finishes unbutton your blouse and slips into your bra, tweaks your nipples between my fingers and presses down on the center of it. I can tell this is getting you hot, so you help me remove the bra off your shoulders and pull the cup down all the way down exposing your bare breast. I reach over to the bowl and take a berry and squeeze its juice onto your breast before bending over to lick the juice off. I continue to lick and suck on your breasts for a while sending you into a state of ecstasy as I give you what remains of the strawberry.


We continue to get more comfortable on the couch and kiss passionately. You have me pinned to the couch and hover over me. You take another strawberry, cover it with whipped cream and place it into your mouth before you kiss me again. This is truly an afternoon of strawberry delight and we don't stop there! *wink*wink* (((kiss~kiss))) cuddle, grope, play with each other and make love until the evening turns to night and we fall asleep with the door closed...