Eat Me!

waking up with a boner - By Jefferson Slosek

This morning I woke up with a real boner and caught you staring at it. When you noticed me looking, you got this big sheep grin on your face and said, “Do you want to play?”  I shook my head yes and the next thing I felt was your warm soft lips sliding over the shaft of my hard pole. First you started real slow, using your tongue to lick my cocks’ underside and very slowly take it all the way down your throat. I could feel your lips close and suck as you nurture the pleasure of it sliding into your mouth and slowly, ever so slowly, let my cock slide all the way in. I could tell you were enjoying the feel of it expanding filling your mouth even more. You come up for air and your mouth makes a popping sound as is gets free. You stare at the head and kissed the freckle at the end licking your lips. Again you open your mouth wide and this time go down on is fast and furious, turning your head from side to side as you go up and down over my tube steak. 


When you come up for air, you turn and look at me saying, “What are you waiting for? Eat me!” You position yourself so we are in the 69 position, you being on top. You can now get my meat steak all the way down your throat with no effort at all with your pussy in my face waiting to be licked. Wet and dripping, your kitty juices touche my lips. The sweetness of it makes me stick my tongue into your pussy and I suck on your kitties clit. I pull your pussy closer to my face licking like crazy as my cock gets even harder. It’s the way my cock gets hard when I’m licking and eating your pussy that starts to drive us both crazy. I pull you closer and rub your tits against my hairy chest sending sparks throughout your body.


Next thing I know, you have shifted yourself and now get ready to sit on me. You position yourself over my cock and lower yourself slowly, feeling my man glide in. My cock drives deep inside your pussy and you begin to purr with pleasure.  I place my hands on your chest and tweak both tits, pulling on your hard nipples. I pull you down closer and you place your arm up under then towards my face so I can suck on them. This sends you into a tit orgasm and your pussy begins to flow wet with creamy cum. Up and down you slide "freckle head" into your wet and wild. You close your eyes and squeeze your pussy making me cum inside you. Your wetness and my cum is all over us and you finally collapse on my chest.


Slowly sliding off me, my cock goes soft. You play with it for a bit and realize it may be a while before it gets hard again. “Want to join me in the shower?” We go hand in hand into the bathroom and I look back at the bed and realize I’ve got to clear the sheets and do some laundry…