a witches night out - By Jefferson Slosek

On Halloween you have put on your sexiest witch outfit complete with push up brass bra and get on your broom to fly your way to the bedroom of your next spook and the source of your wicked powers.

Hovering above the houses outside, you look inside the windows and see me laying naked in bed. I hear you tapping on the window and in a trance I open the window. You fly into my arms and stick your long witch tongue deep down my throat. "Would you like to be Tricked or Treated my little man?" You stoke my cock making it grow big. "Can I ride this broomstick?" You say growling and continue stroking it till I'm good and hard. You push me back on the bed and crawl on top and slither onto my cock with your hot yet cold pussy. "I need you to warm me up on the inside. Do you think you can manage that?" My hard cock pulsates when you ride up and down the shaft.

You stick your pointed hard nipples in my face and I suck on them making your tits swell with milk. I suckle like a baby does filling my mouth with milk. As I drink it down, my cock gets even harder and bigger.

I'm still not aware of what is happening since you have cast a wonder-lust spell on me, but my cock responds to your every desire as your black pelted pussy sucks me in deep. Hovering on my hard stick you suck the life force from my shaft. It fills you with milky spunk in wave upon wave that satisfy your needs and refreshes your drained energy.

My balls have now been drained dry after what seems like hours but my cock stays stiff as you gyrate up and down on it. Feeling me give your body new energy, your pussy responds and you purr with delight... as the full moon comes from behind the cloud, your spell is broken and I begin to wake up from my slumber. Your swollen breasts give one last generous squirt of milk into my mouth and down my throat it goes... as the quickening is now complete, you suddenly vanish.

I slowly wake up feeling my stomach is full yet my body drained only to find both spunk and milk in a puddle on the bed. I look at the wet patch wondering, 'was that from my dream?'