Christmas Party

a night of presents - by: Jefferson Slosek

At the Christmas party, I was asked to be Santa and hand out the company presents. Little did I know, I would be the one getting the best present of them all. Every year I am asked to be Santa because I am the only one at work with a white beard. It didn’t matter to the rest of my co-workers that I am a bald Santa.

It was fun handing out all the gifts according to the name on each package and getting all the woman to sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas: jewelry, new clothes, shoes, a husband that wouldn’t cheat on them, a bottle of Jack Daniels or Tequila, a new cell iPhone with unlimited talk time, etc…etc…etc… and after all the presents where handed out, I was ready to see if any of the single woman wanted to party.

I didn’t expect you, the Angle of the party to come up behind me, give me a big hug and rub your nice big hooters against me. Oh that felt so good and that alone was enough to make my Christmas. “Santa, I have a special request? I didn’t get what I asked for last year and was wondering... would you like to come by for milk and cookies? I can then tell you in private what I really want.” It didn't take me long to reply, “Sure I would love to hear what you want. Can Santa take you home in his sled.?" You skage your head and then your boobs up and down.

When we got to your flat you said, “Well, I don’t have any cold milk, but… if you sit here beside me on the couch I’m sure we can find something that would sooth your thirst.” You begin to unbutton your blouse and show Santa your ample bosoms hidden beneath your silky red bra lined with fur. As your blouse fell I see you needed some help to set your puppies free. Santa offer a helping hand when you turn your back towards him. With an expert twist of the wrist, the back of the bolder holders came loose and falls forward. Santa was blessed with the most excellent eye candy he had seen all year when you turn to him with bare breasts and winks at him in delight. “May this Christmas night never end...” He says softly under his breath when he cups your gorgeous tits in his hands, opens his mouth and sampled the budding nipples. Your hands are still at work removing the skirt when Santa reaches down between your legs to get the fire started. When he strokes your flaming bush, the heat comes on. “You might as well remove your clothes too because you will get too hot sitting there if you keep them on.” Santa removes his red suite down to his thermal boxers and you help him stand to take them off. “I didn’t know that the North Pole was so BIG,” you state with a glint in your eye. You grab the now exposed throbbing cock with both hands and stroke it… You guide it between your ample bosoms and help him by moving your tits up and down while pressing them together engulfing his cock.

“Ho Ho Ho! Santa cries and you slap him across the face making his cheek all red. “Who you calling a Ho? I’m a slut and I don’t charge for this…” and slap him across the other cheek to make them match. “Oh my... Maybe that’s why I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas last year… Can you forgive me?” you says as you pull Santa' face between your breasts nearly smothering him. When he comes up to breath he says, “Just for that, I’m going to have to whip you with my candy cane!” and starts to beat his cane against your chest making slap happy sounds… “I want to have a fucking great Christmas, that’s what I want but didn’t get last year…” you say with a pout. “Well you’re in luck this year my sexy young lady because that’s what you are going to get.”

Santa moves you onto the couch and mounts you doggy style from behind, shoving his hard candy into your waiting wet pussy as your tits swing free. In and out he pops his cane into you with long thrusts until you are singing out loud with the first of many orgasms…

In the background there are carolers outside singing tunes of Christmas joy, but the real joy is getting fucked for Christmas...