the cock - by Jefferson Slosek

Well I only have one cock and Its hairless just like my head. That makes it so much easier to handle going down your throat.

Today, you meet me in the bedroom waiting in only your birthday suite and a big grin on your face while sitting on the edge of the bed. "Come here and drop your pants!" you demand. If course I comply as you inspect my shorts and give me a good feel before slowly pulling them to the floor.

You take my soft dick in hand and lick the underside while watching the skin on my balls start to move involuntarily. My manhood responds and begins to engorge with blood making it harder and bigger. When you take it in your mouth, its still soft but responds to your tongue and lips when they closes over my expanding cock. After a short time, my cock is hard and you take your time sucking it in and out of your mouth while playing with my balls with your fingers. You close your mouth over it and suck it down into your throat slowly, inch by inch, deeper and deeper till finally your lips are at the base of my shaft. You slowly let the hard thing exit your mouth but you hold onto the tip with your lips before repeating this cycle over and over for about 10 minutes.

When you come up for air, you let the hard meat slide out of your mouth and make a motion with your hand, placing it between your tits going up and down. "What? You want it between your breasts?" You shake your head up and down making my cock excited. "No problem my love."  Once again you place your mouth over my shaft, but when it slides out of your mouth this time, its covering with saliva from tip to base. I place it between your tits and slide it up and down while you help to keep it between your gorgeous tits. You lick the tip of my cock every time it gets close to your mouth as you press your breasts together. It gets harder and harder, bigger and bigger till it gets huge and sliding between your tits covered with spit.

After a long rubbing session, you take it in your hand and jerk it, spit on it so it slides easy in your hand. Faster and faster your hand moves up and down the shaft.

You slow down to inspect the goods and decide it's time to drive it deep in your mouth again. You open wide, your lips slowly go around the head, little by little the tip of my cock disappears down tickling the back of your throat. Your mouth gets even wider as you swallow the whole thing feeling it expand like a sword sallower. When you come up for air, you feel its expanded head caress the inside of your throat, your tinsels, and finally your open mouth. You suck on the tip of my cock and swallow it deep again feeling it's every inch slide past your lips.

When it's all the way in, your tongue goes for my balls, lick from one to the other and back again. You continue to lick my balls and I feel them tighten. I can feel the fountain of cum begin to flow from my prostate as it spasms and squirts, first into my cock and then down deep into your throat. Great gobs of cum fill your mouth and throat as you almost gag on it but manage to let my cock from escaping your lips grasp. Finally some cum escapes and drips from the sides of your mouth on your tits. You get a firm grasp of my swollen cock in your mouth again and slowly suck it down along with any cum that didn't escape your lips...

You begin to hum with my cock in your mouth as I stroke your tits and pinch your nipples sending shockwaves into your girls, down to your pussy and all over your body .... Satisfied with the feeling of bliss, you loosen your grip on my cock and watch it slowly return to normal size while licking any remaining cum off...