Home Early

By: Jefferson Slosek

I've gotten off work early and plan for a simple night of a light dinner and a movie at home by myself like I have done the past year, but when I open the front door of my home, there is silence. My dogs are not here to greet me.

This is strange... As I explore the house I see someone has been sitting on the couch and I don't think it was the dogs. There is the smell of lit candles and I notice the scented oil burner still has a flame in it making the house smell of apples and cinnamon. I don't see anything missing and the downstairs lights are not on, so I go upstairs to the entertainment room and see someone has been watching my porn. Hmmm... Curious! I go to the upstairs bedroom and my housemate is not home.

I still don't hear the dogs so I go downstairs and check the master bedroom and I find a sleeping beauty stretched out naked with my 2 dogs curled up at her feet, one licking her toes and the other licking her leg. They don't stop when they see me however they do slow down the pace as I come closer to inspect this gorgeous creature who is on my bed. I hear her whisper in a very low tone, "I've made myself comfy. Hope you don't mind... Will you take over what the pups are doing but down here." as you point to your waiting pussy. This surely takes no brains and I get down on my hands and knees and start to lick between your legs. Your freshly trimmed bush as a sweet smell and reminds me of apples.

Your hands move up to your ample breasts and start to massage them making your nipples perk up to attention. My tongue must be doing the right stuff down below because you are dripping wet. I lick and suck on your clit and kitty lips, place 2 fingers into your pussy and rub the tips of my fingers on your G-spot making you gasp, wetter and even more excited. When I look up, I see you suckling on your engorged nipples. I keep sucking your clit and licking you till your squirt female cum out of your pussy.

After licking it all up, I stand and strip naked. As you watch me, you turn over on the bed, one hand goes between your legs,  the other pulls on your nipples and massage your own breasts. I get very excited watching you and offer my cock to your open mouth. You take your time exploring it and jerk it a few times with your hand  before taking it into your mouth. Down it goes into your throat. You suck on it in a variety of ways trying to get it harder. You spit on my cock and then place it between your ample breasts and get me to titty fuck you to the point where I cum on your gorgeous breasts. You smile as you lick a bit of cum off your fun girls and say, "Welcome home luv! I see the hot-tub has been installed. Want to give it a virgin trial?