Washers, Bikers and Dildos

cum on the highway - By Jefferson Slosek

I come home and find you sitting on the washer as its going through the spin cycle and turning you on. When you see me, you jump off like nothing was happening and I start to laugh. That makes you laugh as well knowing you got caught in the act. "You want to ride something with a little more kick to it?" I say. You shake you boobs up and down telling me, Yes! "OK, then there is something in the garage waiting for you, but you have got to put on a skirt with no knickers. You instantly run to the bedroom and return with your skirt lifted and show me your pussycat...

When we go into the garage, the motorcycle has a dildo strapped to the back seat. You climb on board and slowly sit on the modified seat after spitting on the dildo. I turn on the motor and instantly the vibrations from the powerful bike rip through your insides making your pussy soaking wet. "Let's take a spin," as I casually put on my jacket and helmet and offer you yours.

As we head out the drive and down the street, you wrap your arms around me and ferret your hands into my trousers finding my cock already hard. I got excited just knowing how the vibrating bike and dildo would make you feel I put the bike into different gears making it vibrate faster, then slower and deeper. The power from the motor sends spasms of pleasure through your body. You use my cock as a stick shift and give me an idea what you want to feel next. I point to the interstate sign and we head in that direction.

After we get on the entrance ramp we notice several other bikers behind us. I slow down to let them catch up. As they catch up with us, they almost wreck when you lift your skirt for them. Then they notice you sitting on the strapped on dildo when you go up and down on it a few time giving them a good show. We are at cruzing speed, but I downshift and make the bike vibrate faster. You have already cum several time and know you are about to peek again because you are jerking my off like crazy. You feel me cum in your hands and you peak once more.  I slow he bike down and wave to the others, who I know had a delightful view of the whole thing.

On the way home, it begins to rain. You open my jeans and let the rain wash off the cum. You wrap your arms around me and almost collapse but you stay upright because you are still sitting on the sticky dildo...