First Date

first time we fuck - By: Jefferson

On a first date, I must admit I may seem a bit shy. I like to loosen up with a drink or 2 after a good meal, we decide to watch a movie at home of your choosing. After we get comfortable on the couch and snuggle a bit, I notice your hands are pressing me in all the right places and want to explore my body. A short while later I find you feeling the hairs on my chest and running your fingers through them making my nipples hard.

You reach down and your hand hovers over my crotch. You rub it a bit and my cock responds by filling my trousers. You somehow manage to get your hand slipped past my belt and slowly feel the shaft as it gets bigger and harder. My hands are also busy with your blouse as I reach between your breasts feeling the valley between them. Yum!

At this point we can't wait any longer and both get up quickly to strip... My cock is now long and hard, waiting for attention.

What do you think about when you are giving head? Can you describe in detail what its like when you are doing it? Is it the way a cock fills your mouth, touches the back of your throat or the feel of your tongue licking... I would like to hear in your words what it feels like for you.

After you have swallowed my sword and made me cum, it's my turn to make you cum. I love to eat pussy and the wetter your pussy is the better. It's the taste and smell that turns me on, knowing you are being pleased as I suck on your clit and pull on your pussy lips as I put 2 fingers in deep and play with your G-spot, getting you dripping wet. I feel you squeeze my fingers with your pussy as if it was a cock. I rub your clit with my tongue and my fingers work in and out of your open pussy. Again I feel your pussy squeeze tight on my fingers, cum drips out. Wave after wave of pleasure engulfs your body and the electric shocks that come from your clit fills your heart and soul with pleasure. I get up and press my cock in your pussy. There is a slurping sound as I shove it deep into you and you respond by squeezing my cock. Faster and faster we fuck. My balls hit your ass and with every downward thrust of my cock, your clit gets pressed sending a wave of pleasure through your body. Faster and faster we fuck until we are both ready to cum again. I stop thrusting and hold my cock deep in your pussy. You squeeze the cum out along with your own juices and we find ourselves in one dripping sticky situation. I grab the towel that is beside the bed and we both collapse on it.