Hotel Seattle

An erotic short story by: Jefferson Slosek

While traveling around the country, we find ourselves in Seattle overlooking the bay and Pacific Ocean beyond. The hotel has a wonderful view and we are perched on one of the upper floors.

In the room, there is a tray of food next to the bed. On it are items like maple, chocolate and strawberry syrups along with assorted fruit and a can of whipped cream. Knowing we might have a food fight, I spread the towels on the bed and with a wicked grin on your face, you strip off the black silky dress and jump on the bed beckoning me to join you. I take off my jacket and shirt watching your chest rise and fall like the great Roman Empire. I peel a grape with my teeth and pop it in my mouth and them pass it to you with a wet kiss.

I pick up the bottle of chocolate syrup and dribble it on your nipples, first one then the other and watch you press your girls together. I watch it dribble between the valley of your dolls. I'm thinking 'lick or suck, suck or lick' and settle on both. My tongue licks the chocolate off your right breast while my fingers smooth the syrup all over the nipples on your left. Me thinks this is yummy and low calorie if I keep it to a minimum. Your girls are responding well and you pant for breath faster and faster. You scream when and have a titty orgasm before melting into the bed.

I get the honey out and drip some on your neck, your belly and down below on your inner thighs before licking it off slowly and erotically. You moan when suddenly all the lights go out... Outside it is pitch black except the line of cars on the freeway miles away...

This hotel has more then just a shower.. It has a hot tub and it's bubbling hot but with no power, the jets and bubbles are missing. Now most of the sweet stuff washes off in the first 15 seconds after we enter the Jacuzzi and there are still enough bubbles. So we use the water and get most of the sticky stuff off. You were wishing the jets were working so your kitty was lapping up the bubbles. Now cats don't like water, but your pussy sure loves it. We sit back in the water and let it sooth us till we almost pass out.

30 minutes later, we are both relaxed and ready to dry off. The soft towels feel wonderful on our skin. When we are dry, you get the baby oil out and rub it on my back. Your hands feel great and you decide to do one better by rubbing my back with your girls. Instantly, your nipples stand up and poke me starling me for a moment. I turn over to see what's happening and you come down full force pinning me to the bed. You wiggle and squirm around spreading the oil over both of us. This feels almost as good as when we got soapy in the shower the other day.

Not to be outdone, I flip you over and pin you down with my man. You take my man in your hands and put more oil on it. The oil makes for some crazy fucking and we keep it up for a long time. Between the screams of joy and the moaning, I know we are both having an exception time in Seattle...