Chef Jeff's Arctic Kitchen

Making CumDrops - By Jefferson Slosek

"I bet you didn't know I love to cook, In fact I cooked up something special just for you. I know how much you love the taste of my ‘cum’, so I'm here in Chef Jeff's' Arctic Kitchen wearing nothing but a see through apron just the way you like me. Here in this shot glass" (as I pull it out of the refrigerator) "I have collected this week a whole once of semen. Yes, I've been jacking off to the video you sent of you fingering yourself again and again and again till I collected the first ingredient... Next we add a 3 tablespoons of light brown sugar and mix it in. Hmmm... I think its a bit too lumpy. Why don't you help me and make some more of ingredient #1, but don't swallow it. He he he he..." You run over to me, lift the apron and start to suck on my cock while stoking my balls. It does not take long for me to cum and you collect it on the bowl of sugar and the rest of my semen. "Now we add a packet of plain gelatin and stir it together and set it in the refrigerator in a shallow glass pan."

1 hour later we return from the bedroom where I have been licking your pussy over and over till you are dripping wet. Of course I had to keep licking you till you collapsed and couldn't cum any more.

Back in the kitchen, "We remove the mix that has hardened quite nicely and place it into lager pan of hot water and use a hot knife to cut it into 1/2 inch cubes. We then take some powered sugar and place it in a bowl. We add the cubes and shake it around till all the cubes are coated with a fine powder. And here is the final product, tastes just like me... CumDrops!  Try one gorgeous!"  You take one, pop it into your mouth and start to chew. "God these are so good and they taste just like you Jefferson, only sweeter. I could even take these to the office and I bet any of the girls that worked with me would all want sex with you before the day was out! Yummy!!!!" 

So there you have it. With just 3 simple ingredients, you too could be making CumDrops!