Sex Education

 What a man feels when he has sex and why - by: Jefferson Slosek

I was thinking about what turns me on as a man and decided to tell you some of my views on how it feels to have sex. It takes education to explain what the roll of a man is and how his sex organs work.

First off, the man has several glands other then the penis and balls. There is also the prostate gland and seminal vesicles and here is what each does. After you understand what they do, you will better understand what happens when a man has sex.

When a man sees a sexy woman or is touched by one that the man finds attractive, the heart rate increases. This may cause the valves in the penis to open and blood flows into the canals that run on both sides and under the penis and becomes erect or engorged with blood. I will tell you later how the erection can be speeded up.

Next stage of excitement will cause the seminal vesicles to secrete a sweet lubricant commonly known as pre-cum. This fluid helps lube the urethra (opening in the penis) so that cum flows freely and also neutralizes any residual uric acid. At this point, the balls start to move releasing sperm (a colorless and odorless liquid) into the canal where it will eventually mix with fluid from the prostate and becomes cum. Semen is produces by the prostate gland located under the bladder and in front of the rectum. This gland is palpated by doctors to check size with a finger probe in the rectum. Pressing on the prostate can also cause pleasure and that's what gays like. Some men like to be probed by their mate with a dildo or finger. When a man cums, it is the act of releasing fluid from the prostate pushing the sperm through the urethra. This feels like a very intense pee and only lasts a short time. It is the prostate squeezing that causes the pleasure. Now you know what a mans organs do in this passion play.

Now for the pleasure and what men like and how to satisfy him beyond his wildest dreams. Two things that turn a man on the most are eye candy and touch.

First eye candy. When I was 8, I went with my dad to visit his friend at a motorcycle shop. On the wall was a very old calendar with a beautiful woman in a bikini. This woman had enormous tits that were perfectly round. This was before silicon or breast augmentation. That photo turned me on and my dick got big and hard for the first time... From that point on, I was a tit man. Any woman, big or small with big breasts turn me on and I get excited just looking. This is what I call eye candy. Eye candy can be many things, from a sexy walk, an unusual smile, a silky garment showing off a woman, a different hair color or style, the list goes on...

Touch, is the next turn on. Being touched by a woman is very exciting. This can be a simple hug, a handshake, a light brush by a passing stranger on a bus, or may be something like slow dancing, a massage, shoulder rubs and all out sex. Let your fingers do the talking and you will make more friends then you know what to do with... What I like is something as simple as being lightly stroked with finger tips on my chest. If someone does that to you, I'm sure you will get excited too. But wait, there are more interesting places to touch, like around the ears and neck, a light tickle on the ribs, a head massage and even something as bazaar as touching the hair on the arms or legs without touching the skin... Sound crazy? Try it on yourself and see what I mean. When someone does it to you or you touch someone very lightly, it can be a real turn on. More intense touching like a foot or shoulder massage and you guessed it, the penis. What men like when being stroked is having the skin pulled up and down over the shaft. Rough handling is not a turn on, however, a slow steady stroke feels wonderful. Oil and lotion will also help just like it does when getting a massage.

Remember I said I would tell you how to get your mates erection faster and harder? The best way to do that is to take your hand and wrap the index finger and thumb around the base of the mans shaft and watch it get bigger before your eyes as you squeeze it gently. Also, if you look very close at the balls, the skin will be moving as if on its own. This is the body's way of getting the sperm to come out from the ball sack and into the tubes leading to the penis.

Now that you know the basics, let me tell you what men love when getting a blow job... And that's Lip service. Learn how to get you lips around the head and use your tongue to feel all up, down and around the shaft. It makes no difference if he is hard or soft, big or small. Feel the skin of the shaft and pull it with your lips and not your teeth. Suction does wonders too when giving head. Pull the skin on the penis with your suctioning mouth. And most of all, enjoy what you are doing, the way it feels, the way it looks and the pleasure your man is getting. You will want to learn how to deep throat your man. Swallow his shaft and bring it all the way down your throat without gagging. You can always practice with a soft skinny double dildo and work your way to a thick one. Watching a woman deep throat a man is a real turn on for me and having my dick swallowed??? Yummy! This is something learned by doing and the pleasure you give your man will be appreciated.

Some more interesting facts. Cum has many flavors. Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes bitter. This has more to do with a persons lifestyle and eating habits then anything else. Since I'm a diabetic, I tend to be more sweet then bitter. People that drink are often bitter.

Sex is always better without drugs or alcohol. Alcoholics tend to rape more then enjoy. Every man is different when it comes to sex. I like several different positions but my favorites are 69 because we can both enjoy the taste of each other's juices, doggy style because there is better penetration and easier to thrust in and out, woman on top so I can play with her tits and spooning because like doggy style, I can get it in deeper without getting on our knees.

So that's my education about men, at least this my point of view...