3 more hours till I'm off work
Working a twelve hour shift has its ups and downs. The up side is the money and some valueless time off between clients. This sometimes can be used for me to use my imagination and write when it's not busy, like today. After the first 6  hours, another person comes in to help. That sometimes let one person take a break for a while, or in my case, time to get something to eat while working on my eating pussy skills, in my imagination that is...

After work, I have sat on the couch after greeting the dogs and feeding the fish. I've closed my eyes and listing to some techno music when a muse appears. She's quiet and I do not know she is there watching me. All of a sudden, I feel her presence. I'm in a state of shock when I turn my head because this muse is the most gorgeous creature I've ever seen. 'Why is she here' I ask myself and in a very sexy voice inside my head I hear her speak, "Because you want me to be here and I have a present for you."

I am GOD smacked and now in a state of shock. She snaps her fingers and my clothes vanish. 'Did that just happen?' The muse leans close to my face and kisses me full on the lips. Her tongue probes the inside of my mouth and ferrets down my throat and I find myself deep throating her tongue. "Now you know the pleasure a woman feels when she deep throats you?" I hear her say in my mind. "You think that feels good? Just wait and see what I have in my mind." As her tongue continues to probe every inch of my mouth...

We are no longer lip locked and her smile gets bigger as she waves her hand over my cock. Kneeling down over me, we are now 69 on the couch. She opens her mouth and sucks my cock deep into her throat. Her talented tongue goes round and round it as my cock slowly becomes hard. She uses just her lips and tongue and pulls on it making it grow bigger. It's still soft but continues to increase in size. She uses her lips and chews softly on my little man. This feels absolutely wonderful. My magic muse now puts her finger and thumb at the base of my cock, squeezes it and I feel the blood rushing in making it hard. I feel my mans head being pulled down into her throat, deeper and deeper it goes and in my minds eye, I can see her throat bulging. I take my hand and lightly place it next to her throat and feel my cock slide down. As she lifts her head back up, my man finds it's way out. Once more she deep throats my grown hard cock and I cum deep inside her mouth.

When freckle head reappears, he is covered with saliva and cum. She licks her lips and says, "Now wasn't that what you've always wanted?"

In my minds eye I'm shouting "Yes! Yes! Yesssssss!"