On The Train

In France with a Sex Goddess - By Jefferson Slosek

"What do you want to do today gorgeous? It's such a nice sunny day, so why don't we go to the coast and you can take me to that secluded spot you were telling me about." You run up to Jefferson, smash your lovely large breasts against his chest, look up and with a sparkle in your eyes say,  "What the hell took you so long to figure out my plan?"  It was only then that I noticed you had packed the picnic basket along with several bottles of wine and had them waiting by the door. 

The walk to the train station is always a pleasure, seeing the people at the market getting food for the day. I must admit that I loved to watch the woman bending over to pick some fruit out of baskets. Today I was surprised when watching you bend over to get some apples because you had no knickers on. You slowly turned around to catch the expression on my face, you wink, knowing I was getting a good look at your newly shaved pussy.  

About that same time, Amanda came up from behind Jefferson and gave him a slap on the ass and said, "Did you know we were coming along too?" When he turns around to tell her no,  Attom hits him in the forehead with a fresh bread roll. "She didn't tell me you 2 were tagging along. Which one of you found that spot we are going to?" "That would be me. I went there when I was a teenager to look at all the naked couples and always got a boner." Attom said with a grin. Amanda began to rub the front of his shorts and said, "And such a fine boner he still gets! We best hurry or we'll miss the train" You pay the boy at the fruit stand for the apples and skip over the the baker for some creamy horn rolls. We all head off to the train depot with everything we will need.

On the train, Attom and Amanda head off to another car and 30 minutes later, come back with grins on both their faces. "I know what you two have been up to. Am I right?" Attom blushes when Amanda says, "Elle donne un fichu blowjob fin. Car 3 is empty except for an old drunk asleep in his seat. You should go back there and get lucky..."  You turn to Amanda and say, "You missed a spot." and move closer to Amanda to lick the cum off her cheek. She blushes...

Our turn to go to the 3rd train car... You pull Jefferson by the hand and off you go to never never land. When you get to the nearly empty car, you turn into one of the seats, bend over the one in front and lift your skirt up and show me your pussy. This is the area on tracks that is very bumpy and Jefferson gets an instant woody from the motion of the train. But he knows what you want and starts to lick your pussy and butt while you spread your pussy lips wide open for him. He can't help but play with your sweet pussy, sticks his thumb in deep to find your erogenous zone and use his fingers to play with your clit. You let your tits hang out of your loose blouse and they swing wildly back and forth from the motion of the train. "God that feels good! I want you to fuck me here and now..." Suddenly you see the drunks head pop up and he says, "Qui veut baiser ? I' ; jeu de m !" He then falls off the train bench and hits the floor with a thud! You both laugh.

After you get a great licking, you turn around and kneel between Jefferson legs and paw at his bulging trouser. Out pops a monster of a cock. "How did he get so big so fast?" you ask... "Well," Jefferson explains, "in high school, I had to ride a bus across this bumpy bridge between Saint Petersburg Beach and the mainland, and the jerking motion of the bus going up and down always gave me a boner. To this day, any bumping or ride with rhythm gives me the biggest boner ever!" You gawk at it before taking it slowly into your mouth. The movement of the rail cars going back and forth feels wonderful as you bob your head up and down on Jefferson's thick shaft. After only a few minutes, he can't hold on much longer and spews globs of cum in your mouth. You swallow as much as you can but some dribbles down your blouse onto your budding breasts. "Now I know what happened to Addom and Amanda."  You both laugh while pulling up Jefferson's trousers and head back where the others are waiting.

30 minutes later, the train pulls into the station and all 4 people get off giggling as they take in the smell of salt air. The beach is just a short walk away.

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