On The Beach

In France with a Sex Goddess - By Jefferson Slosek

"What do you want to do today gorgeous? It's such a nice sunny day, so why don't we go to the coast and you can take me to that secluded spot you were telling me about." You run up to me, smash your lovely large breasts against my chest, look up and with a sparkle in your eyes say,  "What the hell took you so long to figure out my plan?"  It was only then that I noticed you had packed the picnic basket along with several bottles of wine and had them waiting by the door. 

The trip on the train took only a short time after you hooked up with a few friends Amanda and Addom but you've finally made it and the 4 of you head for the sea salt beach. Summer is hot and in France clothes are optional. After moving to France you noted that changing clothes in a store isle was common practice, even at WallMart.

Jefferson keeps pulling your skirt up and gets a firm grip on your ass. Your nipples are trying to poke out of your blouse and you can't wait to get to the beach. 5 minutes later you have arrived. Addom and Amanda spread out 2 large lightweight blankets and put the picnic basket in the middle. Out come the glasses and the wine bottles are opened. Once everything is set, off come the blouses. You forgot to ware knickers under your skirt on the train and going commando was fun for the ride, but on the beach you get a bit nervous and pull on a thong.

"Would you lather me up Jefferson?" and he gets the tanning oil out with a wicked grin on his face. "Sure thing..." he says and starts to squirt oil all over your chest. In the sunlight, your big breasts shine like bronze beacons and the feel of Jeff's fingers working the oil in gets you excited. your nipples are standing to attention and when he pulls his fingers across them, you feel little electric jolts throughout your body. After he has completely covered almost every inch of your body with oil, you relax in the hot sun soaking up the rays.

A while later, you feel hot and get a glass of wine and sip on it. You notice Amanda and Addom in the water getting very friendly. Jefferson is not in sight. On closer inspection, you see him on the rocks not far down the beach and decide to join him. As you get closer, you see him inspecting a piece of pottery incrusted with sea life. He sees you and motions you to get in the water. He places the pottery aside and joins you in the water.

"Well Hello Gorgeous! I see your water wings are keeping you afloat." You look down and see your big breasts floating on the surface trying to keep you upright. Jefferson swims behind you and cups your breasts with both hands. "I know tops are optional, but if I had it my way, I would help you keep these girls way up firm and high as long as I could. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love every inch of your body." "You are not bad looking yourself even if you are a dirty old man!" Taking advantage of your oiled body, you turn around and slip through his fingers but let your nipples ripples through his fingers sending waves of pleasure throughout your body. "Two can play this game," as you submerge down between his legs and pull his shorts off.  You take his soft cock in your mouth and use it as a mouthpiece as if you were snorkeling with it. as you taste the salt mingled with his flesh it slowly get bigger in your mouth. After coming up for a gulp of air, you quickly return to the task at hand. When you are satisfied with it's new size, you come up again and wrap your legs around his waste pulling his cock deep within you. The salty water does not do justice in this situation, so you abandon the talk and decide to jerk him off in the water instead. After a few minutes of pulling on his meat stick you notice a bubble of creamy cum come to the surface and Jeff's eyes are rolling back in his head. A sheep grin shows he is in hog haven and you plant a big kiss on his moth just to make sure he is still breathing.

As you walk back to the beach you note that the water in the area where you were just were has exploded with sea-life. You wonder if cum could be used to catch fish...