Caught in the Act of Masturbating

erotica by: Jefferson Slosek

I got off work and came home late expecting my best friend fast asleep knowing the long hours you have been putting in as a nurse, but what I found surprised me a bit. When I opened the door to the bedroom, I herd music playing to the sensual sounds of 'Enigma' and you with your eyes wide shut fingering your kitty.

At first, I just stood there watching. The expressions on your face with you biting your bottom lip and your eyes rolling back was exceptionally sexy to watch. You had your arm under your breast pulling them up as you rocked them from side to side heaving to the rhythm of the music.

When I looked closer at what you were doing with your fingers between your legs, it made me think I've been touching you all wrong down there. I noticed that you were placing your middle finger in your pussy and squeezing between the fold of your pussy lips with the two finger beside your middle finger. Is the area around your lips down there also sensitive?  How could I have been so dumb not to realize...

I kept standing there watching for a bit longer. You looked like you were having an orgasm or three as your body shook violently for a few seconds before you collapsed. Your pussy was wet and your juices were flowing making a wet spot on the bed. I walked into the attached bathroom and got a soft towel before entering the room to make my presence known.

How long have you been watching? you say with a grin on your face.
Long enough to get some good memories and ideas to help me got you off better, I say as I place the towel under your bottom. Can I help clean you up? I say placing a finger in your mouth to moisten it up and bend over to get closer to your kitty. By all means necessary, and your grin gets bigger. Let your fingers do the walking first...

I spread your legs wide as I kneel down on the floor with your kitty staring me in the face. Its gasping for breath so I give it mouth to mouth. With my tongue, I lick it clean from top to bottom as you hold your lips apart. I lick the lips and suck on one side when it escapes your grip... It doesn't get far as I close my lips around your pussy lips and give it a tug. Your finger keeps pressing your clit and its pokes out as you put it between two fingers and rub its neck up and down.

Your kitty is screaming for attention and opens its mouth wide expecting a treat. Damn that feels great... Now I want you to FUCK ME!! Taking the hint, I stand up, drop my trousers the genie tries to escape its bindings and the boxer hits the floor. Having stood there watching you get yourself off and then eating your pussy, my heat seeking moisture missile is ready to take the plunge into uncharted wetness. Normally I'm 6 inches on a good day, but today I'm fatter and chubby and hard as a rocket ready to shoot off. The taste of pussy on my lips and having an eye full of candy, Big Ben strikes midnight and the fireworks burst in full force. Rocking with you on your back in bed and me pumping in and out of your wet wonderland gets us both flying on cloud nine. As I am about to cum, I pull my rocket out of your lunch tube and have it fire off between your big bouncing boobs. You spread the cream all over your tits and lick off some of it.

We lay there on the bed side by side, fingers still exploring each other for a while in a state of bliss. After a while, the CD ends and we both fall asleep in each others arms....