My First Perfect Blowjob

My personal sex history and thoughts on sex - By: Jefferson Slosek

In the late 60's and early 70's, I was a hippy looking for free love but never found it. For years I dreamed about getting a blowjob, feeling tits, and what sex was all about as a teenager. The first time I finally had a sexual experience at the age of 17, I was disappointed. The girl, Loretta,  was a local beach tramp and wanted me to finger her in exchange for a blowjob. I took her up on the offer and thumb fucked her.  That was also the first time I felt a vagina but never got to see it because I did it under her skirt. She got off in less then 30 seconds making my hand a stinking mess. She really needed a shower and use some Female Deodorant Spray. After that, she pulled down my trousers and she sucked on my limp cock. I shot my wad in a matter of minutes but never got hard. It really was not what I was expecting. There was no joy, pleasure or want on her part giving me the blowjob. The experience felt like it was her duty. After that experience, I spent more time getting high and quit looking for sex except for in magazines that I masturbated to.

Two years later, I was living in a house owned by my dad who rented 2 of the 3 bedrooms. I was in the kitchen taking a break from studying radiology when I saw Vicky with my housemate for the first time. They were going into his room. About an hour later, I get a rap on my door. When I said "Enter" she came into my room, closed the door and unbuttoned her blouse letting her boobs hang loose saying, "Hi. I'm Vicky! I like the music your playing and I love sucking cock!" admitting it openly. This alone made me excited and truly enjoyed what came next. Her skills as a seductress were amazing. The way she then caressed my crotch while I was sitting on the bed in my shorts and a t-shirt, knelt down in front of me while pulling her open shirt off her shoulders and letting her gorgeous boobs loose. Her tongue licked her lips and her eyes were on the prize package in front of her. Seeing her big naked boobs made my day and my bone responded a bit putting a bulge in my shorts. She stood up, encouraged me to touch her boobs and I sucked on a real live breasts for the first time ever. I still had her tits cupped in my hands when she grabbed the pillow off the bed, put it down on the floor and knelt down pulling my shorts down at the same time.

What came next can only be described as amazing. She licked her lips again, spreads my legs apart and made close inspection of my tool. She cupped my balls in her hand and then rolls them around gently with her fingers. She got real close to my crotch and says in a low voice, "You must really be excited. The skin on your balls are moving on it's own." She then licked them slowly using her long tongue while holding onto my cocks head with her hand, squeezing the head gently. She worked her tongue up from the bottom, licking up over and over again watching my dick get fat. Before it got hard, she opened her mouth really wide and engulfed my fat man before closing her mouth over it, chewing from side to side on my meat stick. She did something with her tongue that felt like it was darting up and down my shaft while still pliable in her mouth. With her lips, she slowly pulled on my willie from the base to the tip of its fat little head and kept doing that over and over till it got really hard. While it was getting hard, she had wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base. She later told me that it helps the cock get hard faster by keeping the blood supply from escaping. Over the years, I saw this same trick used in porn movies. Once my cock was hard, she patted the bed and motioned me to lay back on it, all this time without letting my dick out of her mouth.

Somehow while sucking on my dick, she had stripped off all her clothes. After climbing on the bed and on top of me, Vicky puts her pussy in my face and wiggled it as close as she could to my mouth. I get the sweet aroma of her pussy for the first time and I instantly stick my tongue out to find out that she tastes as good as she smells. I am surprised and ecstatic with the taste of her pussy because its as sweet as the sucker I think she had in her mouth earlier when she came into the room. We managed to get into the 69 position before she suddenly swallows my entire hard cock while her tongue sweeps the base and my pubes. My mouth caught what was dripping from her pussy. This woman was dripping something from her pussy that tasted sweet as candy but smelled a bit musky. Musk sent makes me excited and I felt my cock get as hard as ever. Vicky had full control of it and sucked it in and out of her mouth over and over. I can see what she's doing from the mirror on the dresser across the room when I turn away from her pussy to catch my breath and swallow her creamy drippings.

For some reason, I had not cum yet like the first time. All the feelings of ecstasy were there and I was pushing the pleasure envelope for the first time in my life without a magazine in hand. I hear Vicky muttering, "God I love your cock!" before swallowing it all the way down her throat again. I'm about to loose control when she rolls off me, sits up and starts to jerk me off till I cum on her tits. As she rubs the cum all over her breasts and says, "Did you know your other roommate is engaged to my older sister?" I shake my head no, but later that evening we hear them fucking in the next room. We giggle when we hear them shouting screams of pleasure as they cum together. Vicky is licking my cock again, playing with it with her mouth while I inspect her pussy and love button. "I've never been this close to a kitty before. What does this button do?" When I lick and suck on it, her pussy gets wet and she begins to ejaculate female cum.  At the same time, I pop my cork for the third time that day.

Over the next 3 months, Vicky and I are constantly together, not only in bed, but her hippy parents invited me over as well. They liked me and encouraged me to stay the night. Vicky has a live cock (rooster) in the back yard, we were both drove the same type 1965 mustang. Mine was painted Kelly green and hers was purple. We went to see Pink Floyd at Tampa Stadium on the "Dark Side of The Moon" tour but broke up when she gave me the crabs...  Guess I was not her only lover.