SpaceDog's Erotic Files

Erotic stories written by: Jefferson

The following stories were written to entertain, attract and excite woman. Some are based on past encounters but most are just built from my very imaginative and passionate mind. I could see myself in any of these situations and some will happen in the future, I hope. They are written with no names so you can put yourself into either role. Read and enjoy. I will post more as I write them.

WARNING: These short erotic stories can be habit forming, make you wet, get you overheated and can even make you cum several time, so get a towel and be prepared to take your knickers off.  There are also spelling and grammar errors I hope to resolve.

  1. The flight of the Non Stop Bunny Hop
  2. Massage
  3. Hot Tub
  4. The Porn Cinema
  5. When the Door Closes
  6. Eat Me
  7. Halloween
  8. Christmas Party
  9. Swallowing
  10. Home Early
  11. Washers, Bikers and Dildos
  12. First Date
  13. Hotel
  14. How to make CumDrops
  15. Education - What men feel when they have sex - This is strictly for my 18 year old friend in Michigan
  16. The Next Morning
  17. 3 more hours till I'm off work
  18. What goes better with chocolate syrup then whipped cream
  19. On the Train - Part 1
  20. On the Beach - Part 2
  21. Caught in the act of Masturbating
  22. Waking up
  23. My First Perfect Blowjob
  24. In edit at the moment

About me, the author: Jefferson S

I was born in Attleboro Massachusetts (Massive Two Tits), in January of 1954. Moved to Florida at the age of 13 and have lived in Tallahassee on and off since then. I work as a radiographer but in the past have also built lasers and computers for a living. I have another personal web domain, TARDIS40B.COM where you can read my online fictional adventure I've been writing along with the help of otherss.

The stories I have written here are based on my relationships and experiences being married 3 times. I know this may sound strange, but it's true.

  1. My first wife was Diane. Met her the day after I took my x-ray license exam in 1974. We married when I was 21 (she was 16) and loved the fact she was as smart as I was. That marriage lasted 2 years or should I say, till I found out she was cheating on me. I didn't date a woman for almost 4 years after the divorce and have never cheated on any of my wives because of her. 26 years later, I forgave her for her actions and there are no longer any hard feelings.

  2. Second wife's name was Marina. I met her when playing "Dungeons and Dragons" at my house. She was invited over by a mutual friend. I thought I could show her a better way of living, little did I know she could not be trained to do anything. We broke up when she invited her "man hating" mother to live with us 8 years later. I still think the plot was cooked up by her mother in order to get the profit made on the sale of the house we purchased together even though it was my salary that paid the mortgage.  What I learned from her is that some people are not open to new ideas. Since the divorce, I have never herd from her again.

  3. Mid December of 96' I met Rosemary Croucher online in a chat room I was hosting. She was a British girl (only 17 at that time, I was 44) who was traveling around the world before starting her university studies in Sunderland England. I invited her to stay before she went back to the United Kingdom and she took me up on my offer so I could show her what Florida had to offer.  We became best friends and 3 years later, she moved to the USA and we got married August 12th 2000. I learned a lot about traveling on a budget from her and we spent the next 4 years traveling all over the USA and Canada. We eventually moved to England so she could be with her grandfather in his last years. We got our own place and I spent the next 2 1/2 years looking for work, living on the money we got from the sale of the house we owned in Florida and my early retirement. Eventually Rosemary found business networking more exciting then me and moved out without warning. I was in shock and still have not herd from her since she left on April 17th 2007. Before she quit talking to me, she said, "I've changed and want a divorce. We should have never gotten married and only stayed friends. It was nothing you did." I still suspect she has schizophrenia and spent a year trying to figure out what I was not doing. Later I started to think up what I could have been doing to make her happy. Eventually I abandoned England and came back to the USA to find work.  A year after that, got divorced so I could rebuild my life and buy a home for myself.

Out of curiosity I joined several dating and/or adult sites in order to meet woman and make new friends. I have been sending out erotic stories to woman I find sexy and potential soul mates since May 2009. The stories have changed to more like chain letters where I start the story and let the next person continue where I left off. etc...

I have a great job working in a stand alone emergency center, purchased a 1581 sq/ft townhouse in September 2009 and sometimes a room mate. I have 2 dachshunds and I'm still looking for an anime loving friend, soul-mate, etc... One night stands are out of the question and would rather grope you then have sex because I play it safe. 

You can write to me if you have any comments or questions:

Jefferson Slosek
2854 Manila Palm CT
Tallahassee, Florida, USA