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Jefferson Slosek, Tyler Telander, and Tom Tiernan in
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From past Halloween collections we bring too you:
Music Video
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Season of the Witch
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Shuttle of Doom
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Spookmasters Opening page

Tylers Haunted Experience

Our current and former heads of production and

Featuring the 4th Spook Master Timmy


The 2011 Experience

SpaceDog built a StarGate to bring guest back to the land of the living in 2006

 2006 StarGate

Shrek overlooking the assembly of The 2004 Haunted Experience

Shrek Headed the Haunted Forest

With Glowing haunts in the night

Jesse in Black

and Laura

It say's "KEEP OUT"

The 2004 Spooky Adults

"Who you calling BiG MoUtH?"

Top Ghost Bad Man in Chains The Cursed Egyption
The ghostly 2002 additions to the collection of spooks and demons
Sneak Peek 2001
Fatal Attractions
Sneak Peek 2001
October 2001

Resident BORG

Enter if you dare!
Rock monster

At the Haunted Forest
15 seconds of fame on TV
press me
Click on Me you Spook
Hey Mickey!!!
Micky Witch



Mike and Tami

Mike is scary at 6'4"

of time and space

Master Jefferson

Bald Master Also Known as Fester in the Shuttle of Doom!

Dr. Alan Lipman and Tyler behind the sceens

Spookhouse Workshop
Mossman & Spinning Neon device

Big Mike, Little Mike, Tyler & Darrin

Spooky crew 1983

Mugwump and Goblin

commissioner Bele
Commissioner Bele

For seventeen consecutive years Tyler and friends enjoyed producing the Mysterious Mansion at the Windrush Apartment clubhouse. We never ceased to be amazed by the tremendous progressions and improvements made from year to year.... redit to Jefferson, Tom, Mike, mike, Nancy, Mickey, Louis and Jean, Darrin, Joe, and a host of others contributing to this satisfying madness year after year. Alas, as they say all good things must come to an end and Windrush has become the past.. Some remnants of the great spook show can be experienced in the backyard of its' creator and continues as The Haunted Forest...