Jefferson Slosek

AKA SpaceDog

Stardate 101198 Tallahassee Florida :

I was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts on 14th January 1954 and my parents are Frank and Thelma Slosek

A Short History

Howard and Jefferson
at Lake Como

My first memories were of riding the family dog like a horse about two miles from home when I was two years old, living in the ever changing Massachusetts climate. I am the middle child of five, consisting of an older sister, one older brother and two younger brothers.  I became diabetic at age eleven. 

My family moved to St. Petersburg Beach, Florida in 1965 an I graduated from Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport, Florida class of 1972.

Two weeks out of high school I started training as a radiographer at Bayfront Medical Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida and transfered to Tallahassee Memorial School of Radiologic Science 13 months into the program for x-ray technology. I graduated in June of 1974,  took the national registry exam and passed. I met Diane Kalota the day after I took the American Registry of  Radiological Technologists. I married her at the age of 21. She was 16 at the time. A year later we moved to North Carolina and divorced after two years when I found out she was having an affair.

In 1979 I moved to Texas and lived there two years, until I developed cancer (diffused Lymphatic Lymphoma) and moved back to Florida to be with family while undergoing chemotherapy.

In 1982 I went to college and learned data processing and computer programming at Tallahassee Community College and also took classes at Lively Vocational Technical Centre.

Senior year
Class of '72

After getting my Associate of Arts degree in data processing, found programmers were only making minimum wage, so I went back to work as an x-ray technologist and continued school for electronics and Laser Electro/optics and found I really loved working with lasers.

I met Marina Rich in 1986 while playing D & D. We moved to California, married in Las Vegas at "The Chapel of Love" and moved back to Tallahassee Florida after 17 miserable months. It wasn't the marriage that was miserable, it was California. We purchased a townhouse and divorced after being married for eight years. She must have had hidden talents. Too bad she only knew how to use them when she was with her mother, Ardyth.

I was single when I met Rosemary Croucher on the internet while she was travelling around the world. After she spent two amazing months with me, she returned to England and went to the University of Sunderland. Rosemary is British and grew up in Worksop, England,  just East of Sheffield in the midlands. After a three year long distance relationship she moved to the United States and we got married August 12th 2000.

After being married for four years, we moved to the UK so she could be with her grandfather in his last years. I started an online adventure photo Journal to educate my American friends what it's like to live in another country but removed the link since nobody looked at it after Rosemary separated from me on April 27th 2007. She left without warning and has not communicated with me since breaking up. She changed in December 2006 after joining a "business social network" called Ecademy that I encouraged her to join in order to start her new business as a coaching psychologist.

I waited almost a year hoping she would return to me, but I was sadly mistaken. During that year she moved 10 times, failed to help me pay Council Tax she owed when we lived together and I finally gave up on her. Last time I saw her was at her grandfathers funeral. In the last days of his life, she failed to contact him for almost a year and called him three days after he had passed away.



Here is what's left of the Slosek Clan: Jean, Howard, Jefferson, Sterling, and Lester after my mom's funeral.

Lester and Kristy: wed on Oct 96' divorced 99'

Lester wrote a wonderful song about "Think I'll just go Fishing"

Ebony Joe and Lester

HERE are more pictures of Jefferson.

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