This web page is dedicated to reuniting alumni of the Christian church camp in Silver Springs Florida. Many agree that their experience was pleasant and memorable. Speaking for myself, the friendships made were so unique and profound they have left an indelible, wonderful mark on my soul.

Tyler Telander

Disciple of Christ Disciples of Christ
Worship 1977

Silver Springs Church Camp Reunion

July 31st - August 1st '99

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Entrance to the Prince of Peace Memorial, Silver Springs, Florida, is through this beautiful chime tower...Each little chapel in the lovely garden beyond contains a hand-carved three dimensional scene from the life of Christ.
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Below are photos from many generations from 1954 to 1999, reflecting a vast array of wonderful experiences at the 'special place' we love: The Silver Springs Conference center. If you hover over a photo, there may be more detail or click for a link or enlargement.

      P a n o r a m i c   P h o t o s 
1972 1973
Catching: Patty Colcord
At Bat: Russ Campbell
Linda Huguely - Tyler Telander '74 Ken Brown, Lewis,
Rest period protest

Phyllis filling the bell Best camp prank : Caught on film Director pulls camp bell full of water. It's a blurry photo, look close and you'll see the suprise splash he received.
I did it!
Phyllis Hudson '74

Tedi Martin

Cathy 'Joey' Lee

Ginny Holllingsworth

Alice Phillips, Megan Burch

Diane Kenley '75

Brenda Rutledge               Mike Thomas
1972 1971
Shawn, Matt Kelly, Lewis Lupinek, Russ Campbell
The 10 foot boogie manappears with an ax on
    'Skit Night'
Tyler Telander with melodica
Gary Rogers
Randy Riblett flashing Peace sign

Linda Huguely '74

1971 1976
Counselors leading trip
to Silver Springs
Last day of camp good byes...

Lots of tears...

Jay Kaufmam & Clark Henson
1976 Post-camp party
Joyce Glenn
Tom Tiernan
Mary Jane Tedder

Get your mouse off me!
Melanie Fogg

? 1973
Hollie Campbell

Tyler, Joyce, Kim Roberts
Claire Cours and Libby the Lifeguard
Rev. Jack Hudson
Robby Larmon and friends with home-made Ice Cream Last day at the canteen
1971 Click Carol for more photos
press me
Carol Droke '75       Robbie Currie, Cathy 'Joey' Lee
David Kenley   '74              Tedi
Back from the Swamp Stomp
Gary Rodgers, ?Girls counselor, Tyler, and ?
Joyfull return from the swamp '75 At the piano

Linda Cavalier and Kristi Luschen

Gerri Williams, Toni Knowles, Darlene Hazouri, and Shelley Sponaugle
Mark Alexander
Mikki Ammerman
Dean Bacon
Cheryl (Bailiff) Lucas
Suzanne Beehler
Susan (Boni) Jeffords
Cheryl (Boney) Archer photos from 1974-78
Megan (Burch) Hacker
Mitch Cochran
Jody Corn Jody's photos
Russ Campbell
Hollie Campbell
Ronnie Campbell
Karen Cairns
Lucy (Calloway) Stanley
Becky (Cate) Teeme
Cindy (Cate) Connolly
Laura (Cavalier) White
Linda (Cavalier) Young
Lisa Cavalier
Heidi Cranford
Robbie Currie
Mary (Dennis) Wolfe photos from 1970
Tom Dixon
Marlene Downs
Carol (Droke) Shields Click on me Images and music
Debi (Droke) Bara
Bonnie Eisencoff
Beth Endwright
Kelly (Flagg) Peterson
Kim Fox
Vernon Fuller
Lori (Freeman) Richter
Melissa (Fritz) Rivera
Cathy Fuller
Danny Gentry
Linda (Gilmour) Johnson
Terri (Guernsey) Jamison
Deann (Halligan) Anderson
Jean (Halligan) Vandergrift
Linda (Halligan) Pitts
Terry Harper
Rick Hartfree
Mary (Hillery) Haskin
Clark Henson
Harvelyn "Harvey" (Holland) Soloperto
Ginny (Hollingsworth) Arthur
Richard Hostetler
Jack Hudson
Phyllis (Hudson)Cheong
Libby (Huff) Pannell
Linda (Huguely) Trofatter
Jamo Jamison
John Jett
Jay Kaufmann
David Kenley
Diane (Kenley) Rebagay
Lianne (Keronen) Stango
Bonnie (Kingsberry) Gaynair
Rob Larmon
Debbie (Lawrence) Thieffault
Stuart Lawrence
Curtis Robert Leidy
Kristi (Luschen) Matthews
Tim Luschen
Marc MacWhorter
Shari MacWhorter
Tedi (Martin) Hedstrom 
Web Organization Tedi Bear Adoptions
Sue (McClendon) Witthoeft
Roy McDonald
Julie (McVicar) Compton Julies 1954-55 photos Julies 1954-55 photos
Steve Meisburg

City Commission Campaign site

Mark Mikesell
Sherri (Mikesell) Staudt
Carol (Moore) Lambert
Robert Moore
Mark Pafford
Riley Paine
Steve Paine
Doug Pitts
George W. Powell
Becky (Pyke) Bernero
Albert B. Raines Jr
Nancy (Raynor) DeDona
Andy Ribblett
Randy Riblett
Kim Roberts
Gary Rogers
Brenda (Rutledge) Turrentine
Jeff Sanders
Michel Sanders
Robin Lynn Schissel
Doug Smith
Joan Solomon
Paul Solomon
Frank Speight
Shelley (Sponaugle) Johnston
Steven Turrentine
Maryjane Tedder
Jeff Telander Jeffs' photos
Tyler Telander Tylers' photos
Tom Tiernan
Gini (Ude) Bennett
Tom Uptegraff
Linda (Uptegraff) Adair
Valorie (Uptegraff) Smith
Shannon (Walters) McFayden
Beth Walwrath
Chris (Wolfe) Hieb
Jeffrey Woodall
Karen Woodall
Robert Yelton
Bill Young
Jean (Zell) Young Don't touch me
Joyce Glenn
Please help me find her
'76 Hmmmm ... where is she now?

Jay Knowles
In memory - Jay Knowles

Historic glass bottom boat photos

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